Below are all our instructional videos.

Using the Noden Adjust-A-Bench (Complete Video 4 minute)
A demonstration showing how to use your Adjust-A-Bench.



Assembling the Noden Adjust-A-Bench (Complete Video 13 minutes)
A step-by-step tutorial on assembling the Adjust-A-Bench.



Assembling and Using the Caster Package (Complete Video 12 minutes)
A step-by-step tutorial on assembling and using the caster package for the Adjust-A-Bench.



Adjust-A-Bench Weight Test (Complete Video 7 minutes)
We loaded the Adjust-A-Bench with cinder blocks to demonstrate its weight capacity.

Please note! Though we stopped at 1684 lbs. (we ran out of blocks), we strongly recommend that you do not exceed more than 850 lbs. total weight on our bench for safety purposes.



Noden Craftsman Hardware Assembly Instructions

View the instructional videoes below to learn how to build and utilize the Noden Craftsman Hardware Package in your shop.