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From Mike:

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I like the bench that I purchased a couple weeks ago in Tampa. It's great. I took your very good advice and went with the Veritas vise, and added some skirts around the top. Looks great and works even better. I received the castors last week, no problems and I'm really impressed by the heft and quality. Instructions for everything were good, and it all went together without a hitch.

The adjustable height has been great. The adjustabench has allowed me to figure out what works best for the job at hand. One of the reasons I needed a new bench was I wanted to learn to carve. I discovered I'm most comfortable carving with the bench pretty high - higher than I ever would've thought, and that allows me to carve for a lot longer than I could on a low bench. I've attached a picture of one of my first carvings - I think I'm catching on. There's no way I'd be this far along if I hadn't been able to raise the work to the best height for me. Based on what I've already seen, I'm certain the adjustabench is really going to help me do better work and that I'll be more comfortable doing it.

You have a great product. I'll be sure to recommend it often.

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The Noden Adjust-A-Bench is designed and manufactured in the USA.

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