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From Don:

I've attached 4 more pictures of my Adjust-a-Bench that I took with a better camera. They should show the tray and the drawer cabinet more clearly.

The tray is made of 1/2" plywood, assembled with tongue and groove joints. The bottom of the tray is even with the bottom of the stretcher. I added a 3/4" x 3/4" strip to the outside top of the tray. This lip how the tray hangs on to the bench's stretchers. The tray is not otherwise fastened to the bench, but it is connected to the drawer cabinet below.

The drawer cabinet is also 1/2" plywood with a solid maple face frame. The depth is such that the back panel and the front face frame are flush with the stretchers. The height was chosen so it would fit below the stretcher and above the angle iron to which the casters are attached. It actually rests on the thickness (about 1/8") of the angle iron. If you look at bench1.jpg, you can see this. I couldn't make it any taller because it would interfere with the threaded rods of the casters and the hex bolts that attach the angle iron to the bench. The top of the drawer cabinet, which you can't see, is open except for 4 braces at each corner attached at 45 degree angles. Besides keeping the cabinet square, I use these braces to secure the cabinet to the tray. I drove a screw from above in each corner of the tray botton into angle braces on the top of the cabinet. You may be able to see one of these screws in the corner of the tray in bench2.jpg.

As I mentioned before, I also added the yellow tape guides to each leg. This provides an easy and quick way to set the bench to level or to reset it to favorite heights.

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