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From Steve:


Thought you might like to see what became of the adjust-a-bench I ordered just after the Baltimore woodworking show. The only thing missing is the end vice.

Instead of putting the threaded rod in a dado, as you recommend, I wound up putting the rod in a 1" conduit, which in butts up against the sides, and the two center panels of the chest. The ends have doors on them which allows for easy access of glue and some measuring devices.

Made of Poplar, and Birch plywood, I've painted it to match a vertical, hanging tool box I made a few years ago. I must tell you, I've been planning to build a new bench for some years, but couldn't decide on the height. Seeing your bench in the flesh brought everything together.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

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The bolts for the casters are visible at the bottom of the chest, as are the cutouts for the bolts which connect the caster bracket to the frame.
This is the matching toolbox:

The Noden Adjust-A-Bench is designed and manufactured in the USA.

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